Friday, January 11, 2013

Exploration of our soul #1

Food for the Soul Comment January 2013 Exploration of our soul #1 Our totality of our our true self is within our Soul Matrix. Our soul matrix extends from our I AM presence , down to our higher self, and expresses itself into many different Soul expressions. Each of these soul expressions exists on different planes of creation. Each of these planes of creation include: Planetary Expressions, Galactic, Universal, Omniversal, etc 1) different galaxies within our universe 2) various planetary systems and individual planets 3) dimensional levels on each of the planets our individual I AM presence has chosen to express itself Often if you have had a specific guide that is not from the earth that has been consistent throughout your current life span, it could simply be one of your own higher dimensional aspects of your soul. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Would you ever guide yourself wrong?

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