Saturday, January 12, 2013

Conscious Ascension: Soul Healing and our Earth Human Form Weekly Comment January 2013

For years I have been guiding those I work with, to be truly divinely self empowered. Typically I do not give messages in the typical way. I guide those I work with to be self empowered so they can get to the point when they can get their own True healing comes from our own thoughts, emotions and beliefs. When we are ready to clear these related energetic patterns fully, we move forward from our old repeating experiences into the new. Often expanding into the unknown is unsettling for a majority of the earth human population. Fear, and other non supportive emotions and thoughts creep in, until you get used to it and this reaction can become minimal or end all together. Healing from the most persistent and repeating patterns are often from past life issues and relationships that you currently have again with the same souls. You have to remember you are only responsible for your own part within each relationship and they are responsible for their own. I have seen several clients that insist on wanting to help their family members that choose to hold onto their own old patterns, and my clients love them, and want to do it for them. This causes problems for themselves. It has to be remembered that each one of us have to let them go. It is our family members, friends, etc have their own lessons to learn even if they have no idea about it.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Exploration of our soul #1

Food for the Soul Comment January 2013 Exploration of our soul #1 Our totality of our our true self is within our Soul Matrix. Our soul matrix extends from our I AM presence , down to our higher self, and expresses itself into many different Soul expressions. Each of these soul expressions exists on different planes of creation. Each of these planes of creation include: Planetary Expressions, Galactic, Universal, Omniversal, etc 1) different galaxies within our universe 2) various planetary systems and individual planets 3) dimensional levels on each of the planets our individual I AM presence has chosen to express itself Often if you have had a specific guide that is not from the earth that has been consistent throughout your current life span, it could simply be one of your own higher dimensional aspects of your soul. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Would you ever guide yourself wrong?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Song of Life

(HEART)(MUSIC) Song of Life  (music) Rythm of our hearts and breathing (MUSIC) in perfect synch with Mother Earth Gaia (MUSIC) (HEART) And the Natural Universal Consciousness Flow (MUSIC) (HEART) In Constant Consciousness Expansion (HEART)  integrating all of our Muli Dimentional Soul (HEART) and are in perfect  soul resonance with all of creation (HEART)

I AM returning back into my natural state consciously integrating with my I AM Presence and all my soul expressions.  I AM Remembering and Being my true Divine Wholeness as a Divine Love Expression of Source Consciousness NOW

I am in Divine Receivership from Grace, NOW . My body is a temple of Source love creation's expression.

(HEART) All Life is Sacred :  We are all Earth Humanity,  We are destined to Embrace each other with Divine Love from Within each of our Souls (HEART) and all of Creation  (HEART)

Self Mastery also includes Conscious Expansion of and Integration of our totality of our Soul, I AM presence,  and Conscious Remembrance of our true Divine beingness.  

(HEART)From the core of my soul and source within me,  I am sharing my love and appreciation for each of you for being the divine love expression of Source each of you truly are. (HEART)

I see each of you surrounded by angels,  placing each of you in an Angelic Cloak of  Light and Love.
The Ascended Masters and Gaia are Blessing you with an etheric healing crystals Jewelry and herbs.
Divine Mother and Sananda are Infusing each of your totality of  being with Christ Light Infusion and Grace.
The Angels are guiding you to perceive your true totality of your soul self,  is receiving all of these divine blessings NOW.
 and so it is

From the Milky Heart of  our Galaxy, full of our Galactic Milky Nector for the GODs,,  which is a part of each of us, Always,  we just know it is time to remember it all and more!!!!!

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