Sunday, May 18, 2014

Conscious Ascention Experience

Through this extraordinarily heightened evolutionary time for all life and creation on earth. We often are so focused on our 3rd Dimensional aspects of our day to day survival and loose our higher perspective many of us know to be true. One of the many keys is each time others that choose to stay asleep from the truth, we consciously pull ourselves back to our divine center and with practice, find our neutral centered point. This takes a lot of conscious meditation and practice. Sharing divine love, appreciation and pay it forward intentions each day helps us to maintain the higher perspective. If we do not do that sometimes, do not worry about it, just keep practicing it each day. We are not expected to be perfect everyday, Just do the best we can. Conscious integration of the dimensional aspects of our own soul and the living consiousness of creation ( God, Source etc.) that is within all of our souls is a primary part of our natural conscious ascension process. There are many methods that can help this natural process and many that are taught that can be counter productive or harmful. Divine Self Empowerment and a daily meditation / prayer / centering practice is a key to moving forward. There is importance to being aware or acknowledgment of our own negative mental and emotional patterns and their associated beliefs V/S focusing on them and placing additional emotional anger , guilt or other non productive emotions. A major key is forgiving yourself and others from the root cause of each repeating pattern. These patterns can extend to past lifetimes and we can forgive those that have reincarnated into our lives again. Each of us is only responsible for our own Karma we have done against the free will of others or caused harm. Often with clients, I have seen them try to take on the responsibility and karma that belong to those they care about which is a huge mistake. Those karmic debts are soul / life lessons that belong to them not the clients. Another common mistake is the focus on past lifetimes and remembering all of them. Each lifetime has it's own lessons. Copyright Inner Light Expressions 2014

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